Kid Curry — Fact and Fiction

Igenlode Wordsmith, September 2001

Authorial disclaimer

This is not, strictly speaking, a biography of Harvey 'Kid Curry' Logan.

It might have been... if I had had any primary sources to work from. And if I had set out with the original intention of producing a sober historical document. But since this project began almost accidentally, the only claim I can make is to have done my best in using what pitiful store of facts I could establish from the secondary sources available to me.

Thus, this is not the authentic story of Harvey Alexander Logan. It is instead the tale that lies behind the character 'Kid Curry', a more-or-less willing participant in a certain wild story that evolved over the course of one spring and summer on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.drwho.

But — to quote the words of William Goldman — not that it matters, but most of what follows is true.




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